Guest Post: Pinterest Vs. Google+

Hi, Allen. I’m Dahye Lee and I’m currently taking a social media class with you! It was interesting to read about your ideas of why Pinterest is a G+ competitor; I have some personal opinions about the post, because I also blog about Google+. I’ve also been using Pinterest for a long time because I like to share my photos and images with others. I agree with you that Google+ and Pinterest are similar.

First, I think the Home page looks almost same, the color of background, and feeds. Google+ is the second largest social media platform in the world now. Unlike Pinterest, Google+ is not only posting the pictures or photos but also doing business, communities, sharing interests. I assume that many Pinterest users move to Google+ because of those features. Pinterest’s users are more likely skimming the pictures and posting their images, while Google+ has more communication and creating organizations between users (Circles).

Second, hashtags (#). I personally love to hashtag when I post something on Pinterest. People always talk about hot issues on Pinterest that people want to know about. They want to know how to get their pins to show up in search results. More unique hashtags equal more followers on your blog and post interaction. But, if you are doing business on Pinterest, it would be hard to create a relationship with other users, because it is just focused on showing pictures and missing actual communication. Google+ is based on communities, so since Google+ users can make a direct connection between a business website and Google page, it will allow to build a strong business relationship.

Lastly, Google+ users can express themselves with Communities. As I said before, creating Communities are really important. Google+ has tons of communities to choose from, similar to the selection you might find on LinkedIn or Facebook. Like many other social network groups, Google+ communities are user-friendly allowing you to invite people. Google+ will connect you with your interests and help you interact with various people. Additionally, if you like some specific postings you can make ‘Like'(1+). If you want influences on Google+, I recommend using unique hashtags to find your interest communities. Don’t hesitate to start Google+; Do it now!


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